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Credits & Rebates

We believe that knowledge is power when it comes to managing your energy expenses. By taking advantage of these programs and incentives, you can lower your energy bills, increase your home's comfort, and contribute to a greener future. Contact us  to learn more about how we can help you access these valuable credits and rebates.

credits and rebates

Georgia Power Certified Programs

As a Georgia Power certified provider, we are committed to delivering top-notch services and ensuring customer satisfaction. Through our partnerships with local utility programs, we offer a range of initiatives tailored to meet your energy efficiency needs.


Ease (Energy Assistance for Savings and Efficiency)

The Ease program, offered in collaboration with local utility companies, provides free weatherization services to eligible households. These services aim to improve energy efficiency and reduce utility bills. We are proud to participate in this initiative, serving our community and promoting sustainable living.
Visit: Georgia Power- Ease Program

Home Energy Improvement Program (HEIP)

For customers who may not qualify for low-income programs, the HEIP program offers rebates to support energy-efficient home improvements. Our team can guide you through the application process and help you maximize your savings while enhancing the comfort and efficiency of your home.

Visit: Georgia Power - HEIP Program

HOPEWORKS Senior Weatherization Program

HOPEWORKS is a senior weatherization program designed to assist eligible individuals with energy-saving upgrades. By participating in this program, seniors can enjoy a more comfortable living environment while reducing energy expenses. We're dedicated to supporting our senior community members in accessing these valuable resources.

Visit: Georgia Power - HOPEWORKS Program

Additional Benefits

In addition to the above programs, GreenHome offers energy assessments that qualify homeowners for 25C tax credits and local utility rebates. These assessments provide insights into your home's energy usage and identify opportunities for efficiency improvements.

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