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About Us

Our comprehensive home assessment services are designed to identify energy-saving opportunities tailored to your home's unique needs.


Most homes have many of the same issues that are not costly compared to the savings they provide. Duct sealing and repair can save 15 – 25% by itself and are relatively low-cost measures. Typically, it costs around $800 to seal a duct system, plus any repairs such as replacing ducts or adding proper connectors. We thoroughly discuss these options with homeowners during the assessment process to ensure transparency and understanding of the potential benefits.


Our expert technicians utilize cutting-edge diagnostics and equipment paired with experienced assessors to find and fix common issues with tried and tested methods that keep project costs low while still significantly reducing energy costs. We focus on measures that pay for themselves in 5 years or less.


From combustion safety testing to ensure your gas appliances are operating safely, to blower door tests to pinpoint and seal air leaks, we leave no stone unturned in optimizing your home's energy performance.


Using infrared cameras, we can detect missing insulation in walls and locate additional air leaks, ensuring maximum efficiency. Our meticulous inspection of attics and crawlspaces, coupled with analysis of your home's systems, allows us to create a customized energy model tailored to your needs.


Our energy assessments make you eligible for valuable 25C tax credits and local utility rebates, helping you save even more in the long run.


Combining cutting-edge diagnostic tests with our expertise, we empower homeowners to make informed decisions that not only save energy but also enhance the comfort, safety, and sustainability of their homes.

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