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Green Mountains

GreenHome South

At Greenhome South we believe that helping families save energy helps everyone.  We all have expenses we would like to lower and expenses we have no control over but Energy costs don't have to be one of them.  Let our assessors show you how we can help you have a more comfortable, sustainable home AND reduce your monthly Energy bill.

Our Services

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Solutions

Clients have seen remarkable savings of up to 35% on their energy costs through our completed projects. Leveraging our assessment findings and customer interviews, we offer tailored recommendations to enhance energy efficiency, reduce expenses, and elevate occupants' comfort levels.

Ready to unlock the full potential of your home's energy efficiency? Schedule your comprehensive home energy assessment today

Credits & Rebates

At GreenHome, we understand the importance of helping our community reduce energy costs while making environmentally-conscious choices. That's why we're dedicated to bringing awareness to various programs and incentives available to homeowners in our area. Our goal is to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their energy consumption and take advantage of valuable opportunities for savings.

Low Taxes, saving energy
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